Yuzen Hybrid Workshop



Sachi Manabe (@morphosphere_yuzen), a yuzen textile artist based in Kyoto, will give a lecture on Kyoto yuzen and hands-on experience of hand-painted yuzen to create a table center.

About Tegaki Yuzen:
Yuzen dyeing uses a unique glue technique that keeps dye within the gluline and separates the base color from the pattern.
The dyeing method has excellent characteristics: it allows for free patterns in multiple colors and the colors do not fade even when soaked in water. It is suitable for any type of silk.

Date: January 25, 2024 Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm Location: JFGM Education Center

How to reserve:
Apply from the link below.
Seats are limited, please reserve soon.


京都を中心に活躍する手描友禅作家の眞鍋沙智さんをオン ラインで繋ぎ、京友禅に関するレクチャーと手描友禅体験 を行い、テーブルセンターを制作します。


◯開催日時 :1月25日 15:00-16:30
◯場所:JFGM Education Center

Kintsugi Hybrid Workshop



Takuya Tsutsumi of Tsutsumi Asakichi Lacquer Shop and Haruhi Mase, a lacquer craft artist, will give a lecture on urushi-lacquer and hold a hon-urushi kintsugi class online.
Participants will draw lines with urushi-lacquer and apply the gold powder to the broken ware.

The kintsugi piece can be taken home on the day.

*Lacquer artist Haruhi Mase will be participating online.

Kintsugi: a traditional Japanese technique to repair broken or chipped ware using lacquer. Gold powder is applied as a finishing touch.

Date: January 23, 2024 Time: 3:00 pm-4:30 pm Location: JFGM Education Center

How to reserve:
Apply from the link below.
Seats are limited, please reserve soon.


堤淺吉漆店の堤 卓也さん、漆芸作家の間瀬 春日さんを講師に迎え漆に関するレクチャーと本漆金継ぎの仕上げを体験していただけます。漆でラインを引いて金粉を撒きます。 金継ぎを施したものは、箱に入れて当日お持ち帰りいただけます。漆芸作家、間瀬春日さんはオンライン参加です。


◯開催日時 :1月23日 15:00-16:30
◯場所:JFGM Education Center

Dinner and Lecture Event



With the theme of Hatsugama meal (the first tea ceremony of the year), carefully selected produces and seafood from the organic farms in San Diego will be served. A Kyoto-inspired menu will be put together for these special meals. The ceramic bowl, the urushi-lacquer soup bowl, the furoshiki (wrapping cloth), and the braided cords (kumihimo) that are used at the dinner can be taken home with you. They are handcrafted by artisans, especially for this dinner party.

In addition, Kyoto cuisine chefs Masayoshi Ozasa and Kazutomo Kimura will present a lecture on “the world of tea,” which includes etiquette and how Japanese people integrate season and nature.

*Dinner event on the 26th and 27th: Ceramic bowl, the urushi-lacquer soup bowl, the furoshiki (wrapping cloth), and the braided cords (kumihimo) are included in the price of the dinner + lecture.

Bowls | Soryugama
Soup Bowls | Tsutsumi Asakichi Lacquerware Shop
Braided Cords | Shoen Kumihimo
Furoshiki | Sachi Manabe

January 26th, 18:00-20:00 | Capacity: 10 people
January 27th, 17:00-19:00 | Capacity: 20 people
January 28th, 12:00-13:30 | Capacity: 20 people

*Location: Japanese Friendship Garden and Museum (Inamori Pavilion)

*How to reserve:
Visit the link below
Seats are limited, please reserve soon.


初釡での茶懐石をテーマに、サンディエゴのオーガニックファームや市場などで生産者や漁師との交流から厳選された食材を提供して頂き、京料理の手法と精神で創作された料理を提供します。 食事を提供する際に用いる鉢、汁椀、風呂敷、組紐はお持ち帰りいただけます。これらは、職人の手によってこの食事会のために特別に作られたものです。また、料理を提供する京料理・松正の料理人である小笹正義と島原乙文の料理人 木村一智は、「お茶の世界」をテーマに礼儀や作法、旬や自然との共生についてのレクチャーも行います。*26,27日は食事会+レクチャーの料金に鉢、汁椀、くみひも、風呂敷が含まれています。

鉢:京都・東山の窯元「蘇嶐窯 」@soryugama
汁椀:堤淺吉漆店 @tsutsumi_urushi
くみひも: 昇苑くみひも @showenkumihimo
風呂敷:手描友禅作家 眞鍋沙智 @morphosphere_yuzen

1 月 26 日 18:00-20:00 | 定員:10 名
1 月 27 日 17:00-19:00 | 定員:20 名
1 月 28 日 12:00-13:30 | 定員:20 名

japanese friednship garden&museum 稲盛パビリオン




リンクドアルチザン イン サンディエゴ

LINKED ARTISAN Association will hold an event offering an experience of Japanese craft culture and Kyoto cuisine in collaboration with the Japanese Friendship Garden and Museum San Diego (@jfgmsandiego) from January 23 (Friday) to 28 (Sunday) in San Diego, US.

Two chefs and three artisans from Kyoto will travel to San Diego to host a Kyoto cuisine dinner using local ingredients, serving them in dishes and bowls crafted especially for this dinner, and presenting a lecture about Kyoto cuisine’s culture and customs.

Additionally, artisans will hold workshops on-site and online; their crafts will be available for sale.

▪︎ Participating Chefs and Artisans
Takaaki Saida (Saidasekizai | Stone Crafts) / Madoka Wakunami (Soryugama | Kyo-ware Kiyomizu-ware) / Takuya Tsutsumi (Tsutsumi Asakichi Lacquer | lacquered crafts) / Masayoshi Ozasa (Kyoto cuisine Matsusho) / Kazutomo Kimura (Shimabara Otobun) / Sachi Manabe (Morphoshere | Kyo Yuzen dyeing) / Shun Hatta ( Showen Kumihimo | Kyo Kumihimo) / Kazuya Nanjo (Nanjo | Orin, singing bowl)

▪︎ Event Contents
January 23 Kintsugi workshop
January 24 Kyo-kumihimo (braided string) making workshop
January 25 Hand-painted Yuzen workshop
January 26 Demonstration of stone bonsai pot making
January 26 Demonstration of “Tobikanna” (Chattering Pottery)
January 27 Kyo ryori (Kyoto cuisine) making workshop
January 27 Stone lantern tour

Reserve now, space is limited!

For more information and registration, please visit the below link.

LinkedIn :
Instagram: @linkedartisan

一般社団法人 LINKED ARTISAN(リンクド・アルチザン)は、2024 年 1月23日(金)~28日(日)にアメリカ・サンディエゴにある Japanese Frienship Garden and Museum San Diego (@jfgmsandiego) と共同で、日本の工芸文化と京料理を体験するイベントを開催します。
京都から 2人の料理人と 3人の職人が現地に渡り開催する食事会では、サンディエゴの食材を使って京料理を創作し、食事会のために制作した器とお椀を使って料理を提供する他、京料理にまつわる文化や風習についてのレクチャーも開催します。

▪︎ 参加職人・料理人
斉田 隆朗(斉田石材店 | 京石工芸)
涌波 まどか(蘇嶐窯 | 京焼・清水焼)
堤 卓也(堤淺吉漆店 | 漆精製)
小笹 正義(京料理 松正)
木村 一智 (島原乙文)
眞鍋 沙智 (Morphoshere|京友禅)
八田 俊 (昇苑くみひも| 京組紐)
南條 和哉(南條工房|おりん)

▪︎ イベントの詳細、申し込み方法